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Germany: 186th Oktoberfest gets underway with traditional parade in Munich

0 21.09.2019 Инфо

W/S Police forces on horses lead arrival parade of brewery owners to Oktoberfest venue, Munich
M/S Police officers on horses
M/S Marching band
W/S Marching band
M/S Marching band
W/S Public
M/S 'Munich Child,' Ambassador of Oktoberfest, arrives on horse
M/S Horses with traditional decorations
W/S Horse carriage with beer kegs
C/U Public
M/S Horse carriage
W/S Crew of Paulaner festival tent arrive
M/S Marching band
M/S Munich's Mayor Dieter Reiter arrives via horse carriage
W/S Oktoberfest vendors and performers arrive
W/S Crew of 'Kafers Wiesn Schanke' festival tent arrive
M/S Spectators
M/S Marching band
M/S Crew of 'Augustiner' festival tent arrive
M/S Horse carriage
M/S Marching band
M/S Traditional club
M/S Public
W/S Schottenhammel festival tent
M/S 'Munich Child' in front of Schottenhammel tent
M/S Reiter greets Bavarian Minister-President Markus Soder
M/S Soder
M/S Soder and his wife pose for photographers
M/S Photographers
M/S Soder walks inside tent
W/S Marching band
Owners, employees and guests of the 551 breweries taking part in the 186th Oktoberfest marched through Munich on Saturday as part of the traditional parade that marks the beginning of the famously beery festivities.
According to custom, the parade is led by a young woman dressed as the 'Munchner Kindl' (Munich Child), the figure from the city's coat of arms.
Munich's First Mayor Dieter Reiter greeted Bavarian Minister President Markus Soder at the Schottenhammel festival tent, where the first keg of beer was tapped to mark the official opening.
Oktoberfest 2019 is set to take place from 21 September to 6 October.