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France: 'Yellow vests' protest met with water cannon and tear gas

1 14.09.2019 Инфо

M/S Police using water cannon to disperse protesters, Nantes
M/S Tear gas
M/S Water cannon
M/S Protesters
M/S Tear gas fired on protesters
W/S Protester being arrested
M/S Arrested protester held to the ground
M/S Arrested person being offered help by paramedic
M/S Riot police
M/S Police using water cannon
M/S Police firing tear gas
M/S Protester being arrested
W/S Protester wanting to fight riot police
Police used water cannon and tear gas against 'Yellow Vests' protesters as thousands gathered for the 44th week of demonstrations in Nantes on Saturday.
Since the beginning of the protests last November, tens of thousands have joined demonstrations across France over a variety of grievances, ranging from the rise in fuel prices to income inequality. The rallies then turned into a wider movement against French president Emmanuel Macron's policies.