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Russia: The Dutch ignored Russian MH17 data, kept us out of the loop - air agency

1 14.10.2015 Инфо

The Deputy Head of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (FATA) Oleg Storchevoy said that the covering of the Boeing 777 that crashed in eastern Ukraine "does not have shell-holes that could prove that the aircraft was hit by a BUK missile system," at a press conference in Moscow, Wednesday. Storchevoy also said that the Dutch investigators did not take into account data from Russia's own reconstruction of the detonation of a payload on a special model of the Boeing 777, stating that "the experiment showed that the destructive agents of the BUK missile system leave distinctive marks on the covering – 'h-beams' or so-called 'butterflies'." The Deputy Head of Russia's FATA also said that Russia was only informed of the existence of fragments that allegedly belonged to the BUK missile system "during the last meeting in August, when it was said that there will be no more meetings and no remarks will be accepted." Storchevoy added that Russia never pushed any particular version of events, so as not to put pressure on the commission, adding "but unfortunately the Russian side has been excluded from the whole investigation."