Ted is Cruz'n for a Bruising

The blood is in the water. The game is afoot. And the Republicans are brawling. While Democrats are usually viewed as the undisciplined, fractious party, it is Republicans who sharpen their knives and slice each up when the White House is at stake. The struggle is between two groups within the GOP. The establishment finally recognizes that the party must broaden its base. If the party appeals only to white, Christian conservatives, it will wind up as a regional party, capable of winning Senate and House seats but incapable of winning a national election.
So when Ted Cruz, a right-wing, Christian conservative announced for the presidency on March 23rd (at a Christian university founded by Jerry Falwell, no less) the establishment instantly fought back.
The establishment isn’t called that for nothing. It is established. And the word went out on Cruz: Cruz is bright, articulate and without any record of accomplishment. In other words, a loser. the Wall Street Journal editorial page, which is as Republican establishment as you can get, recoiled in horror at the idea of Cruz as nominee and dismissed him as another Barack Obama.