Michelle Keegan, Sexiest Woman in the World

While a lot of people in the US may not have heard the name Michelle Keegan before this week when FHM named her the Sexiest Woman in the World, the gorgeous actress is a well-known star in her native England. Michelle beat out numerous American favorites for the title, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kendall Jenner, and Kate Upton.
At 27-years-old (she will turn 28 on June 3), Michelle's career is only just beginning. She expressed to Saturday magazine that she hopes to make the transition onto the big screen in the near future, saying, "I would love to do a British rom-com, something like Notting Hill." She's also open to the idea of trying to tackle fame in America. "I would absolutely love to get a job in America if the right role came up. You never know what the future holds."