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Фермерите в Естония протестират срещу цените на храните

14 242 14.09.2015 Инфо

Tractors lined up in central Tallinn on Monday, as Estonian farmers staged a protest to demand some $7.7 million (€ 6.8 million) in financial support from the government. The demonstration came as the Russia-imposed food embargo leaves many farmers on the brink of bankruptcy, due to damages inflicted by low wholesale prices. Farmers also argue that they are being undercut by cheaper imports and are not being protected by the government. Last week thousands of farmers protested outside the European Commission headquarters against low prices on agricultural goods in Brussels. The demonstration was one of many that hit Belgium as well as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain over recent months. Falling prices for agricultural produce have been partially attributed to recent changes in the market caused by EU sanctions placed on Russia, to which in turn Russia banned EU imports. In 2013, Russia imported €6.1 billion ($6.7 billion) of meat and meat products in total. The largest suppliers came from now-banned countries like Denmark (6.6% of total Russian meat products) and Germany (6.4%).