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France: Police fire tear gas into G7 protest camp near Hendaye

124 24.08.2019 Инфо

W/S People running as tear gas lands in anti-G7 protest camp, in Urrugne, France
French police fired tear gas into a camp set up by anti-G7 protesters in Urrugne, roughly 25 kilometres (15 miles) south of Biarritz, where the G7 summit is taking place, on Friday evening.
Protesters have tried to set up camps in multiple places near where the G7 summit is taking place, as Biarritz itself has been placed on lockdown, with train and air travel shutdown and over 13,000 police officers deployed to the area.
Urrugne lies just east of the coastal town of Hendaye where groups labelled as anti-globalist as well as climate activists are set to hold a 'counter-summit' to protest against the policies of world powers.
The G7 summit is taking place in Biarritz from 24th to 26th August where protests have been banned and heightened security measures are in place.