Obama's Approval Ticks up as Americans Hail Economic Gains

Public optimism about the economy appears to be at its highest since April 2009, three months since President Obama took office.
As Obama’s approval rating is trending positive among American adults as optimism over the economy surges to its highest levels in nearly eight years.
According to a new CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday, Obama is out of the negative in the poll for the first time since May 2013, as 48 percent of the 1,018 Americans surveyed said they approve of how he is handling his job and 47 percent disapprove.
Fifty-two percent of those surveyed described economic conditions in the United States today as very good or somewhat good, while 48 percent deemed them somewhat poor or very poor. The public’s economic optimism in the last decade hit its nadir in December 2008, when 93 percent described conditions as somewhat or very poor and only 8 percent saw any good in the economy.