USA: Protesters break through police lines outside Trump hotel in Chicago

Thousands of people marched through downtown Chicago, Wednesday, to protest against President-elect Donald Trump. Although there are no exact figures for the turnout, around 8,000 people responded to the social media event.
Gathering first at Trump International Hotel and Tower, protesters marched through the streets of Chicago, chanting "Not my President!" and "Hey-ho Donald Trump has got to go!" There were also chants of 'Black Lives Matter!" from the crowd, who held signs that read "Protect women, protect people of colour, protect queer people" and "Fuck Trump Hate Racism." Protesters stormed through a police barrier, but there were no reports of violence.
After Trump's win was announced early on Wednesday, there have been multiple large demonstrations against the president-elect in several large US cities, including in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Seattle.
Trump declared victory in the early hours of Wednesday morning, after his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton called him to concede defeat following a bitterly fought election battle. Trump beat Clinton in a surprise landslide victory, garnering 278 of the Electoral College votes, while the Democratic candidate received 218.