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Giant inflatable poop-emoji makes a splash in Portland

0 20.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Inflatable poop emoji, Pioneer Square, Portland
M/S Inside inflatable *UPSOUND* "Hello there, I'm Bethany, and you're inside of a giant poo. Not just any poo, a magical poo that has the power to transform your shit, right here, right now. You know, that shit you're holding in?"
M/S Inside inflatable *UPSOUND* "Here's a trick. Every time you hit the loo, use that time to visualise all the crap you want to let go of."
SOT, Missy Lawlei "What's going on is we are going around the country with this inflatable, talking about getting rid of toxic thoughts and toxic things that are weighing down on you. And just really letting that poo-emoji go."
M/S Entrance
SOT, Visitors, "Honestly, we keep calling it weird, but it feels like it just fits in."
"Yeah it makes sense to put a Poop-Pourri."
W/S Inflatable poop-emoji
SOT, Visitor, "I think it's a really cool landmark, sort of thing. You really wouldn't notice what it is until you walk by. You kind of see it, it catches your eye, and you're just going to walk over."
W/S Entrance
SOT, Visitor: "It's interesting just to walk down the street and just see a big thing of poop."
SOT, Visitor: "Yeah, it was very interesting. The reason that we started walking towards this is because we saw the sign that said, 'let that shit go,' and I was like, 'oh I wonder what this is about.' And then we got closer and realised that it was the Poo-Pourri. And then I was thinking about how my roommate in college had this, and I'd never heard of it prior to that and I guess she was very paranoid of the way that her poop would smell."
SOT, Visitor: "I mean everyone should be, like yesterday someone was blowing up the bathroom at the airport, so you guys should use that."
SOT, Visitor: "You got to think about what's going on in your, I guess, internal system; what's causing that to happen. But for people who are embarrassed [inaudible] this helps."
SOT, Visitor: "It's a good way to promote it, I think, because everyone sees it right when they're walking. So they won't wonder what's going on."
W/S Visitors outside inflatable poop emoji
A 9 metre (30 ft) inflatable poop-emoji is currently sat in Pioneer Square in Oregon to celebrate World Toilet Day.
The company Poo-Pourri is behind the stunt, which is encouraging people to let go of "toxic thoughts and toxic things that are weighing down on you."
For every person that attends the company will donate $2 to the World Toilet Organisation, which strives to tackle the dire sanitation inequalities across the world. They will be taking the inflatable on a tour around 20 cities in the US.