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British comedian, actor and activist Russell Brand admitted in London, Saturday that he felt "personally responsible" for the outcome of the UK general election in May adding "I felt crushing disappointment on the morning after the election." Speaking to thousands of demonstrators at Parliament Square during Saturday's anti-austerity protest, Brand accused the political and business elites including Boris Johnson, Rupert Murdoch and David Cameron of turning their "ego-maniac tendencies" into politics and of "creating a culture around the worst aspects of our nature." Brand went on to mock Britain's power structures: "I'm assuming that the vast majority of people in there - Jeremy [Corbyn] and Caroline [Lucas] aside - are not having very successful sex lives. And I think a culture that's held again by perpetually suspending chopper is an indication that something's wrong," he concluded. Tens or even hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of London, Saturday, to decry the Conservative Party's introduction of large cuts to public spending and reinforcement of pro-austerity policy. The protesters oppose the Tory's pro-austerity policies that are expected to be implemented within the next five years. Among them are an estimated £30 billion (€41 billion; $46 billion) worth of cuts to public spending, an estimated £12 billion (€16.5 billion, $18.8 billion) in unspecified welfare cuts and the abolition of housing benefit for under-21s on Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA).


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