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Hundreds of nationalists marched through Odessa, Wednesday, to mark Defender of Ukraine Day under the slogan "I am coming for you." Protesters waved Svoboda and Azov flags with representatives of the Right Sector among them as well. The protesters marched from the Shevchenko monument to the Greek area of the city while chanting slogans and lighting flares. The expression "I am coming for you" was coined by Sviatoslav I of Kiev, the Grand prince of Kiev, who used it to declare wars. The march was also dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), known for its alleged massacres of Poles and Jews during World War II. The UPA was a Ukrainian paramilitary organization and partisan army, which engaged in a series of guerilla battles against the Soviets, the Nazis, Czechoslovakia and Poland. Founded in 1942, the insurgent army emerged from battalions of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). When faced with Soviet advances, the UPA along with the OUN also cooperated with Nazi Germany.


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