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Руснак опитоми рис. Отглежда като домашен любимец в апартамента си

49 110 11.01.2017 Инфо

Moscow resident Alexander Lyubarskiy could be seen playing with his domesticated lynx in the Russian capital, Tuesday, after having lived with the animal in his apartment for over six years.
As the large cat strolled around the owner’s apartment, Lyubarskiy explained the reason why he had decided to keep such an unusual pet; “Once I saw a lynx being shot during hunting. They were hunting a boar but a lynx came out. I do not know why, but one hunter killed her. It hurt my feelings and I became interested [in lynxes]. I went to an animal farm and saw how they live there, talked to the animal technicians and decided to buy one.”
Lyubarskiy’s feline friend reportedly prefers to spend the majority of its time on the apartment balcony, especially during the wintertime where it can take in the cold, dry air an observe passing cars and people.