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Reporter: And you imagine that it can be that it is a state-sponsored attack in a way? The US may be behind it? What makes you think that? - We, as a software company, we can stimulate the investment into the software project. How much did they invest to develop it, to test and to support it? That's why I think it's at least 10 million US dollars or maybe more or maybe much more. Because we still don't know how many victims there are still infected around the world." A spy virus which targeted three European hotels where Iran nuclear talks were held, may have been a predecessor to the virus recently used to hack Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky, head of the cyber security firm, has said. Members of the Stuxnet and Duqu gang, which is based in the United States and Israel have a history of attacking authorities in other countries, including Hungary, Iran and Sudan. According to Kaspersky, the spyware used this time is an updated version of a virus called Duqu, which the Israeli hackers have used in the past. The head of firm said that his company also came under attack, which he believes indicates that hackers wanted to get not only get political data, but technical information too. He made the comments in London on Wednesday. Kaspersky stressed that the real cost of the attack is unknown for now but it can be estimated to be “at least ten million dollars, maybe more, maybe much more.”


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