British Poet, James Fenton Wins Pen Pinter Prize

British poet and journalist James Fenton has won the Pen Pinter Prize, which celebrates champions of free speech.
Established in honour of playwright Harold Pinter, it is given to a writer who casts an "unflinching, unswerving" gaze upon the world.
The second winner - who will be chosen jointly by Fenton and English Pen - will be announced at the October ceremony.
Fenton, who held the chair of Oxford Professor of Poetry from 1994-1999, has written several collections of poetry and opera librettos.
As a former war correspondent, many of his poems deal with the experience of war and its impact.
One of Fenton's most acclaimed works, 1982's The Memory of War, is a collection of poems that drew on his time as a reporter in Vietnam and Cambodia in the 1970s.