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The Russian Army held a demonstration of its amphibious units' ability to cross water while under fire, during drills at the Albino range in Kubinka, Moscow region, Tuesday, as part of 'Army-2015,' the largest military exhibition in the Russian Federation. The Russian military demonstrated the maneuverability of its boats and amphibious vehicles, which included the PTS-2 amphibious transport vehicle. A T-72 tank was also ferried across a lake amid explosions and gunfire. Army-2015 takes place near the Russian town of Kubinka in the Moscow region between June 16 and June 19. The forum is designed as a platform for direct interaction between military units and is organised by Russia’s Ministry of Defence. All branches of the Russian armed forces will showcase their hardware on a 5,000-hectare display area. Among the units involved are the strategic missile forces, aerospace defence, airborne, ground and air forces as well as the Russian Navy.


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