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Colombia: Students, unions march against labour and pension reforms in Bogota

0 18.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Protesters run as tear gas canisters explode, Bogota
W/S Protesters throwing tear gas canister
M/S Protester throwing tear gas canister
W/S Protesters throwing tear gas canister
M/S Banner reading (Spanish), "The children of the police will be educated by the revolution for free"
M/S Protesters singing in front of riot police
C/U Police equipment
W/S Riot police
M/S Helicopter
SOT, Protester (Spanish): "These protests have been organised on a national level, in all departments against the International Monetary Fund format that Mr. Duque complies with."
W/S Protest
M/S Soldiers observe protest
M/S Soldiers
W/S Protest