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USA: Trump revs up young conservatives before Mueller testimony

0 24.07.2019 Инфо

W/S Crowd filming as Donald Trump comes on stage at Turning Point USA's Teen Student Action Summit, Washington DC
W/S Trump on stage
W/S Crowd applauding and cheering
SOT, Donald Trump, US President: "The Russian witch hunt, okay? [Audience boo]. First of all, it's very bad for our country. Makes it very hard to deal with Russia. And we should be able - they're a nuclear power. They have a big country. And we should be able to deal with them without having this artificial stuff. But think of it: Only 11 per cent, in a new poll, favour the starting of this ridiculous impeachment hearings that are going on. You hear about it. So I said this morning, I said, I wrote it out. I said, 'Let's see…' - because I'm watching. It goes on for years and years. No collusion, no obstruction. Oh, that's not good enough. Let's go more." Forty million dollars, interview 500 people - they got nothing. I could find something - I could take anybody in this audience. Give me $40 million. Give me unlimited FBI, unlimited interviews, unlimited - they interviewed 500 people. Listen to this: Two thousand five hundred subpoenas. They did everything. Their collusion, no collusion. They have no collusion [Audience applaud]. Then I have an Article 2, where I have the right to do whatever I want as President. But I don't even talk about that because they did a report and there was no obstruction. After looking at it, our great Attorney General read it. He's a total professional. He said, "There's nothing here. There's no obstruction." So they referenced, "No obstruction." So you have no collusion, no obstruction, and yet it goes on."
W/S Crowd chanting
US President Donald used his near two-hour speech to a group of young conservatives in Washington DC on Tuesday to dismiss the upcoming testimony of special counsel Robert Mueller.
Trump repeatedly claimed his was totally exonerated by Mueller's inquiry into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election.
"No collusion, no obstruction," was the mantra of the night.
His response to the so-called "Russian witch hunt" drew loud cheers from the crowd at Turning Point USA's Teen Student Action Summit.
The US president then claimed that Article 2 of the constitution, which sets out the powers of the executive, gave him "right to do whatever I want" in the face of rumoured impeachment proceedings.