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In the house where Dylann Storm Roof claimed nine lives on Wednesday, forgiveness is not only expected; it is preached.
Even in the court room, where the 21-year-old appeared in public for the first time of his arrest, the survivors of his attack and family members of his victims mourned and forgave.
Anthony Thompson, who's wife Myra died, said, "take this opportunity to repent. Do that and you'll be better off than you are right now."
Thompson also forgave him.
Felecia Sanders, who's son Tywanza died, said "we welcomed you Wednesday night in our Bible study with open arms. You have killed some of the most [beautiful] people that I know."
Two days earlier, the South Carolina man entered the Emanuel African American Methodist Episcopal Church during a Bible study.
An hour after his arrival, he produced a firearm and engaged the unarmed and peaceful practitioners.


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