India: Modi visits victims of deadly Kerala Temple fire

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited victims of the deadly Kerala Temple fire at a local hospital in Kollam, Sunday. At least 106 people were killed and over 350 injured as a fire broke out during the Vishu Hindu New Year festival at Puttingal Temple earlier in the morning.
The fire was caused by a fireworks show outside the Puttingal temple at around 03:30 local time (10:00 GMT), as part of the celebrations of the Vishu New Year festival in the south Indian state of Kerala. Reports indicate that some fireworks explosions caused the temple's roof to collapse, crushing the festival attendees inside.
The festival was attended by an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 people. Kerala's Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala released a statement saying that the cause of the fire is most likely an ignited firecracker falling among firework storage in the crowded temple.