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USA: Firearms store urges shoppers to buy before Clinton enters The White House

1 21.10.2016 Инфо

Guns and ammunition shop 'Westside Armory' was hosting its so-called 'Pre-Hillary' gun sale, in Las Vegas, Thursday.
Under the motto, "Don't wait, prices will skyrocket after crooked Hillary gets in," the shop's owner Cameron Hopkins has made a special discount to those who wanted to hurry up and buy a gun before the presidential election on November 8th.
Hopkins criticised Clinton's perceived stance on firearms, saying, "Crooked Hillary has made very clear her views on firearms. She would like to destroy them all and take them all out of America. She has not come out and said it in so many words but her actions speak louder than words."
Instead of banning firearms across the nation, Hopkins proposed an alternative, "We can look at the alternative; what about an America where everyone has a gun?" Quoting science fiction writer Robert A Heinlein, the gun fanatic concluded, "An armed society is a polite society."
Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has pledged, during her campaign, to expand background checks for all gun sales, including those who buy firearms at gun shows and on the Internet. She has also maintained her plan to deny weapons to those with history of mental illness, violent crime or domestic violence.