Colorado Theater Shooter's Dad Saw Wide-Eyed Smirk Before

James Holmes came home on winter break from graduate school looking haggard and making odd facial expressions, but his father didn't suspect at the time that he was descending into mental illness.
Robert Holmes said, "He was not a violent person. At least not until the event."
"The event" is a phrase he used several times to refer to his son's attack on the audience inside a darkened Colorado movie theater, which killed 12 people, injured 70 others and makes James Holmes eligible for the death penalty.
Months later, Robert Holmes said he recalled that look when his son flashed a wide-eyed smirk in a booking photo at the jail.
District Attorney George Brauchler pointed out while cross-examining Robert Holmes on Wednesday that the bug-eyed mugshot wasn't taken immediately after his arrest, because his hair was no longer comic-book red.
Was he posing, perhaps trying to appear crazy? Robert Holmes deflected the prosecutor's suggestion, saying he knew nothing about how the photograph was taken.