Russia: Victims of Siberian wildfires should be offered more help says Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he wanted to see more help offered to those affected by the Republic of Khakassia's devastating grass fires in April, during a meeting after touching down in the Republic's capital Abakan, Friday. Putin stated that more had to be done as less than half those who lost their homes or were otherwise hit by the fires have received compensation. He went on to explain that the hold-up was because of the lack of official documentation showing who owned property in the area of the disaster-zone. The Russian leader said the Governor of Khakassia told him that "that positive changes are underway." He added that some amendments to government regulations would be made to help "large families and families with children in school". Putin also took a helicopter ride over the disaster-struck areas and checked the housing restoration progress in several locations. This is the Russian president's second trip to the Eastern Siberian region in recent months. The grass fires left 34 people dead and injured over 600, wreaking an estimated €45 million ($50,291,325) worth of damage.