Hersh Report Refutes White House Version of Bin Laden Capture

One of America’s most revered investigative journalists was questioning the veracity of one of the Obama administration’s proudest achievements — and the firestorm of criticism was immediate and unforgiving, from the White House to the Pentagon to the CIA. The publication Sunday of a 10,000-word article questioning the official version of the 2011 raid that killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden might have received scant attention had it it not been penned by Seymour Hersh. According to Hersh’s article, top Pakistani officials initially did not inform the U.S. about bin Laden’s whereabouts in the hope of using the late Al Qaeda leader as “leverage” in negotiations. The report also states that Pakistani officials knew about the raid before it happened in May 2011 and instructed those monitoring bin Laden’s compound to allow the SEALs to conduct the operation unobstructed.