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Russia: Moscow ready to amend ties with US under Trump - Lavrov

Everyone, who would like to come will be informed about everything that was in Astana and how we see the positive process in Astana in future." *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE*
As President [Vladimir] Putin has remarked, we are ready to make our part of the way to enhance ties between the countries in the interest of our nations, our global security and stability. We share the proposed position of US President [Donald] Trump in favour of amending the normal cooperation. But of course, we will judge by the actions. We are sure that the national interests, decency and predictability within the improvement will set the things up." *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE*
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that Russia is ready to overcome "grave damage" that has been made to the country's relationship with the U.S under the Obama administration, speaking at the Russian State Duma in Moscow, Wednesday.
Lavrov underlined that "It is clear that to overcome the grave damage to US-Russian relations impaired by the former US President Barack Obama, will take time and serious work."He said that Russia agreed with the new US President Donald Trump's position on the need to amend ties.
Talking about the Astana talks, Lavrov said that the meeting aimed to "wake up the UN", in a bid to stimulate a more dynamic peace process. "No one could suspect Russia, Turkey and Iran of substituting everything that has been done before the Astana meeting, we invited all the members from a number of political opposition groups", he said.
Regarding the European Union, Lavrov cited Putin has wanting it to be "strong, united and independent". He said that he found it "surprising" that there were rumours claiming that Russia works against the EU, the US and had supposed plans to bring down governments in Germany, France, and the Netherlands.