Syria: Drowned child Aylan Kurdi put to rest alongside mum and brother

The funeral of Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old boy who drowned in the Aegean Sea along with his mother Rehen and five-year-old brother Galip, was held in Kobane on Friday. He was buried along with his mother and brother. His father, Abdullah Kurdi, was present at the funeral. He survived after the boat they were travelling on capsized as they were heading for the Greek island of Kos. The father has described to the press how his family died in his arms. The photo of Aylan washed up on the Turkish shore has prompted huge international outcry over the growing migration and refugee crisis being faced globally. The perceived inaction to assist refugees has led pressure to be exerted upon European authorities to bear more of the burden, which nations like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan have had to disproportionately deal with. Within Europe Italy, Greece and Hungary are facing huge rates of migration. European authorities preparing to up its quota rate as of Friday, with 160,000 refugees to be shared amongst member states. However, protracted negotiations over the refugee quota system have been ongoing since May, when the proposal was for Europe to take a mere 40,000. In July, a revised quota system of 32,000 was also rejected. The new proposals quadruple the numbers that certain member states have emphatically rejected.