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Germany: Thousands flock to watch Oktoberfest's costume parade

1 22.09.2019 Инфо

W/S People waiting along parade route in front of Lowenbrau festival tent, Munich
W/S Marching band
M/S Marching band
C/U Spectators
M/S Marching band
C/U Marching band
W/S Flag throwers
M/S People in traditional Bavarian clothing
M/S People in traditional Bavarian clothing
C/U Little girl in Dirndl
W/S Marching band
W/S People in traditional clothing
M/S Statue of 'Bavaria'
W/S Oktoberfest
W/S Traditional parade marches through Oktoberfest grounds
W/S Marching band passes by woman in costume as 'Munich Child'
M/S Munich Child waves to parade participants
C/U Flag twirler
W/S Flag throwers
M/S Marching band with dozens of flags
M/S Dozens of flags
M/S Hunting dogs
C/U Man on horse-drawn carriage
M/S Marching band
M/S Marching band
M/S Gun club
M/S Marching band
M/S Horse-drawn carriage
C/U Wooden beer kegs on carriage
W/S People in traditional Bavarian clothing
M/S Performers in medieval costume
W/S Horse-drawn carriage with Bavarian Minister-President Markus Soder
M/S Soder waves to spectators
C/U Soder waves to parade
W/S Soder watches parade
Thousands of spectators watched as the traditional Oktoberfest costume and hunters' parade marched its way to the Oktoberfest venue at the city's Theresienwiese on Sunday.
The parade is traditionally led by a young woman dressed as the 'Munchner Kindl' (Munich Child), the figure from the city's coat of arms, followed by bands, performers, medieval costume clubs, as well as traditional hunting and alpine groups.
It is aimed at preserving and displaying Bavarian traditions and culture and takes place traditionally on the first Sunday of the festival.
Minister-President of Bavaria Markus Soder could be seen waving to the crowd as he arrived with his spouse on a traditional horse-drawn carriage.
The 186th Oktoberfest 2019 kicked off on September 21 and is set to last until October 6. In total there are 14 large tents on-site, where annually between five to seven million visitors consume around 60,000 hectolitres (1,319,815 gallons) of beer.