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Here a Kit. There a Kit. Everywhere a Kit, Kit.
Apple is all about the Kits for app developers these days; that is, HomeKit, HealthKit, MapKit, CloudKit, GameplayKit and WatchKit. There's even a ClockKit.
So what's with all the Kits? Apple has been giving developers access to Kits (a play on SDK, or software developer kit) so they can build apps on top of new platforms. Considering how easy it is to chalk up part of the success of Apple mobile products to third-party apps, the move to open up more platforms to the developer community is a way to grow its ecosystem — and see what works (and what doesn't).
Jonathan Collins, principle analyst at ABI Research, told Mashable, "Appealing to app developers broadens the appeal of the Apple hardware and expands the potential reach for its products by providing a new revenue stream for developers. These kits make data from a new range of sensors embedded in communicating devices available to apps, without the need for developers to learn or re-invent how to get that data from the sensors themselves."


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