Olive Garden Is Doing Something Crazy With Their Delicious Breadsticks

Olive Garden, you crazy restaurant! The restaurant that all high school couples go to when they want take their boo "somewhere fancy" is doing something weird with their signature breadsticks. When we first heard that Olive Garden was messing with the one consistently delicious thing on their menu, we kind of panicked. As in, we went into a full fetal position and made our coworkers put a blankie over us while we rocked back and forth panicked. Fortunately, Olive Garden announced on Monday that they are not getting rid of their breadsticks or anything wacky like that, but they are adding more breadsticks to their menu in the form of Breadstick Sandwiches. Starting June 1, the restaurant is taking those buttery, phallic-shaped carb vessels and turning them into sandwich buns. Thanks, Olive Garden!