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САЩ: Хиляди на поклон пред паметта на Freddy Gray

38 27.04.2015 Инфо

Thousands waited outside a Baltimore funeral home, Monday, to pay their respects to Freddie Gray, a young African-American man who died whilst in police custody in Baltimore on April 19. As well as friends and family, White House officials and equal rights campaigners are set to attend. Twenty-seven-year-old Gray died from injuries he sustained whilst in police custody. According to Gray's family he suffered a severe spinal injury, his voice box was crushed and his neck was snapped before he slipped into a coma and died. After his death protesters gathered in Baltimore, demanding the punishment of the officers involved in the arrest of Gray. Currently, police officers Lt. Brian Rice, Sgt. Alicia White, Officer Caesar Goodson, Officer William Porter, Officer Garrett Miller and Officer Edward Nero have been identified as allegedly being involved in Gray's arrest. Prominent members of the African-American community made speeches during a rally in Baltimore on the weekend, with members of black-rights group the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam taking part. Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts was heckled after trying to make a statement at the protest.