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Russia: Afternoon swim in Sochi's streets after flash floods

3 256 18.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Man swimming down flooded streets, Sochi
COURTESY: Instagram/admiral.sochi *REDUCED ASPECT RATION*
W/S Children riding scooters in flood
COURTESY: Instagram/inga_mytcelo
Local residents went for an afternoon swim on their very own streets after flash floods in Sochi this Saturday.
Cascades of water flowed through the streets, as residents attempted to go swimming with the current or ride their scooters.
A storm warning was issued on Friday after heavy rains and a threat of tornadoes on the Black Sea.
Tourists were advised to refrain from hiking in the mountains, swimming in the sea and travelling on unsafe routes.
The authorities have prepared for the possible evacuation of civilians and ordered the clearing of all campsites near the rivers.