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Greece: 16 people drown after dinghy capsizes off Lesbos coast

17 25.04.2017 Инфо

At least 16 people drowned when a rubber dinghy capsized off the Lesbos coast, authorities confirmed on Monday.
Around 20 to 25 refugees and migrants were on board the boat when it sank less than 10 nautical miles (18,52 kilometres) away from the Greek island on Sunday, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Two people, including a pregnant woman, could be saved but several are still missing. Authorities reported that two children were among the 16 dead recovered from sea.
This is thought to be the first deadly incident to occur in a crossing between Turkey and Greece this year. However Europe has largely closed off this route, leading migrants and refugees to seek alternatives instead. At least 1,073 people have died or have gone missing when attempting to reach Italy from Libya this year already, the UNHCR reports.