The Man Who Built the Apple Store is Back With a New Retail Idea

Ron Johnson knows what you think of him. Johnson knows that in a period of less than two years, he went from being The Guy Who Built the Apple Store to being The Guy Who Almost Destroyed JC Penney.Johnson said in an interview with Mashable, "I learned a long time ago not to care about my reputation. Reputation is something that is manufactured by somebody else. All you can do is control what you do and do your best." On Wednesday, Johnson finally unveiled his best: a much-rumored new startup called Enjoy, which promises to let customers shop for gadgets online and get an "Expert" to deliver it to your house and offer a tutorial on the device for no extra charge. The startup, which has raised $30 million in funding, is equally notable for being the next act from one of the most influential figures in retail and serving as yet another possible threat to e-commerce giants like Amazon.