Family Declines to Claim Body of Escaped Convict Killed On the Run

No members of Richard Matt's family have met a deadline to claim his body.
The escaped convict may now be buried by the New York county where he was fatally shot by a federal agent after three weeks on the run.
Matt and another convicted killer, David Sweat, escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora New York on June 6.
Franklin County Coroner Bryan Langdon said, Matt was no longer a ward of the state when he was killed June 26 and will not be buried at the prison.
The convicts fled the maximum security prison in an elaborate escape cutting through their cell walls and slithered through a steam pipe before emerging from a manhole outside the prison walls.
Megan Avery with the Alice Hyde Medical Center stated Matt's daughter has declined to claim the body while his son has not responded.