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Russia: Italian Lega Nord leader Salvini calls for end to anti-Russia sanctions

50 18.11.2016 Инфо

The leader of the Italian regionalist Lega Nord party, Matteo Salvini, stressed the importance of strengthening relations between Russia and Italy, in Moscow on Friday.
The politician proposed holding the first meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the US President-elect Donald Trump in Italy, in an effort to "renew relations between Russia and the US, Russia and the EU, as well as Russia and Italy."
Salvini added, "we want to lift the sanctions, recognise the Republic of Crimea and fully recognise Russia as a political and commercial partner." Furthermore he criticised NATO’s actions stating, "they should take care of the protection of the borders in the Mediterranean region, the fight against IS, and not about deploying men and aerial missiles on Russia's borders."
The leader of Lega Nord is scheduled to meet with representatives of the Russian government and the State Duma as well as representatives of the United Russia party. Salvini will also meet Italian citizens living in Moscow in order to discuss the upcoming Italian constitutional referendum planned for December 4 and urge them to vote against it.