All Hail the Golden State Warriors, Kingslayers From the West

On November 11, 2009, Stephen Curry was still only 21 years old and just seven frustrating games into his NBA career when everything started going straight to hell. The Golden State Warriors' roster had quickly become a petri dish for little more than in-fighting and public displays of frustration. Curry had started the first six games but was benched for the seventh, scored a mere six points in 21 minutes and, according to one beat writer's observation, "feigned enthusiasm from the bench." So Curry tweeted. He wrote, "Promise to all the Warrior fans. We will figure this thing out...if it's the last thing we do we will figure it out. Last night, six years later, Curry delivered on his promise. He had delivered all season (an MVP award) and all the way through the postseason (an all-time record 98 three-pointers). He made shots that seemed impossible and he carried this franchise to its first title in 40 years. He did so while contending with the greatest singular performance in the history of the NBA playoffs.