Venezuela: Maduro pledges to recognise election results

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro signed an agreement to respect the results of next December's parliamentary elections in Caracas, Monday. The leader also backed the National Electoral Council, in what is considered to be the most contested elections the South American socialist nation has faced in the last 15 years. The agreement signing event was chaired by Maduro and the President of the National Electoral Council Tibisay Lucena. Both held speeches after the signing the agreement. "Our biggest pride will always be to say that the elections in Venezuela are safe because it is not an act of faith, but a highly technical scientific process. Most importantly it is verifiable in every one of its phases," said Lucena. Maduro told the watching crowd, "I came to sign for millions of men and women of our country who want peace. We respect the electoral referee." Following the event, Maduro attended an election rally, where hundreds of people came out to show their support for the Venezuelan president. The elections are scheduled to be held on December 6. Opposition parties have reportedly refused to sign the pledge, with many speculating that they will not recognise the election results if they lose.