Iraq: IS militants captured in Kirkuk

Footage shows two men who are believed to be militants from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) in a Kirkuk jail, where they are awaiting trial, Sunday
The prisoners, according to the Kurdish security forces, are IS militants who had participated in the attack in the city of Kirkuk on the 21st October. They were arrested on 24th October and according to reports, their trial should last an estimated three months. Allegedly a further 130 prisoners are currently being held in the prison.
The IS Kirkuk operation on the 21st October targeted government buildings, which allegedly killed at least six police officers, as well as a power station where 13 employees died when militants stormed the building before detonating suicide vests.
This IS offensive came several days after Iraqi Prime Minister Haider announced a military operation to liberate Mosul. The Islamic State captured Iraq's second largest city in 2014 and the offensive is now spearheaded by the Iraqi army and Kurdish militia, supported by the coalition led by the United States.