Evan Spiegel Wants Snapchat to Make Money 'Without Being Creepy'

Snapchat's 25-year-old CEO and founder Evan Spiegel travelled to Cannes, France this week to pitch his burgeoning advertising business at the industry's biggest party of the year. Cosmopolitan editor Joanna Coles sat down with the Stanford dropout during Monday's keynote to talk about Snapchat's new vertical video ads and the company's experimentation in the space. During the chat, Spiegel outlined some of the ways he wants Snapchat to flout the current vogue in social media and mobile advertising. But the nature of Snapchat's quick-vanishing and semi-anonymous platform also means that the company can't dig up the kind of data on its users' interests and demographics that other social networks can. That's okay though, Spiegel says, because he doesn't want to his company to be "creepy" anyway. The sentiment turns what some marketers see as a drawback in Snapchat's lack of targeting power into a stand against intrusive online marketing that makes people wary about privacy.