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Germany: Iran's seizure of British tanker 'a breach of international law' - Foreign Ministry

3 22.07.2019 Инфо

W/S Journalists and spokespeople of the German ministries and government meet for the weekly Federal Press Conference, Berlin
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SOT, Rainer Breul, Foreign Ministry spokesperson (German): "Then I would like to point out - we have already talked about this here - that the action at Gibraltar was about sanctions law, in detail not sanctions laws against the exporter in this case but because of the port of arrival of this ship, which was supposed to sail to Syria and therefore the Syrian sanctions of the EU was applicable. The incident in the strait of Hormuz is different.''
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SOT, Rainer Breul, Foreign Ministry spokesperson (German): "It is absolutely clear that the seizing has to be condemned. According to our British partners and furthermore statements of publicly accessible ship tracking devices, the ship was outside Iranian waters at the time in question. There is no indication to doubt the statements of the British partners. This is quite crucial for the legal assessment. The seizing is therefore clearly a breech of international law.''
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SOT, Ulrike Demmer, German Government spokesperson (German): "Next to the internal Ukrainian reform agenda, a sustainable solution of the military altercation in East Ukraine is important for us. And here we appreciate the latest progress with the deconcentration in the area of Lugansk and the empowerment of a truce on election Sunday, which contributed to a pacification of the situation.''
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SOT, Rainer Breul, Foreign Ministry spokesperson (German): "I can inform you that Mr. [Daniel] Kriener has returned from his consultations in Berlin to Caracas last Saturday, after the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has withdrawn the deportation note from March 6 on July 1. I would like to emphasise that the withdrawal took place by the sole initiative of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry without any arrangements or conditions.''
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SOT, Rainer Breul, Foreign Ministry spokesperson (German): "And I would also like to remind you that Mr. Kriener returned on the explicit request of Mr. [Juan] Guaido. He has emphasised this in a letter to the Foreign Ministry. And our political position in the cause of Venezuela is unaltered.''
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W/S Journalists and spokespeople at press conference, Berlin
Germany condemned the seizure by Iran of a British-flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz and said the incident could not be related to the UK's decision to seize an Iranian tanker in Gibraltar, earlier this month. The remarks were made by government spokesperson Rainer Breul, who spoke during a press conference in Berlin on Monday.
Breul rejected Iran's allegations that claimed the British tanker was inside Iranian waters, and said there was no reasons to doubt UK reports. "The seizing is therefore clearly a breach of international law," he added.
Regarding German Ambassador to Venezuela Daniel Kriener, Breul confirmed that the diplomat returned to the south American country on Saturday, but stressed that Germany's stance on Venezuela remained unchanged.
Kriener was declared "persona non grata" by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in March, when he joined other foreign diplomats in greeting opposition leader Juan Guaido back from a trip abroad.