Guardians of the Greenery: Inside the Marijuana Security Business

Picture the kind of person who hauls the fruits of the marijuana trade from place to place. In times past, maybe it would have been a questionable character of many sorts with their eyes peeled for any signs of undue attention from cops or the DEA.
But nowadays, in yet another still-kinda-hard-to-believe byproduct of pot legalization, the task is increasingly falling to ex-law enforcement officers manning armored vehicles.
The irony can be pretty thick. Michael Jerome, a former 12-year deputy sheriff in Jefferson County, Colorado, concedes that he voted against the state's 2012 legalization initiative – but he was quick to recognize a prime business opportunity in the making.
His firm, Blue Line Protection Group, which began with four employees in December 2013 and has since ballooned to 90, offers various "security services" to marijuana retailers and cultivators throughout the state.
So who says we should go back those draconian days of dealing with pot? Since it's all about the green, right...?