Georgia State Coach Ron Hunter Falls Off His Chair After His Team Shockingly Defeats Baylor

When your team is seeded 14th and you're playing a 3-seed team, odds are you won't expect much for the underdog. But Georgia State's coach, Ron Hunter, received the surprise of a lifetime when his team shockingly defeated Baylor University, who was ranked third.
This is one of what we're sure to be a few upsets in everyone's March Madness brackets, but it's not the upset that left us with our jaws's Hunter's reaction! Forced to sit down throughout his team's game because of a torn Achilles, Hunter became so pumped at the last-second win that he hilariously fell off of his chair in excitement.
When Georgia State made a three-point shot during the final seconds of the game, everyone jumps out of their seats, but poor Hunter's rolling chair couldn't handle it. When he got up to jump it rolled away from him and ended up making him fall straight on the floor.