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UK: Thousands protest against detention of refugees at Yarl's Wood

74 12.03.2016 Инфо

Several thousand protesters descended on Yarl's Wood immigration centre near Milton Ernest in Bedfordshire, Saturday, to protest against the indefinite detention of refugees at the facility.
Protesters banged objects against the facility's fence defacing it in the process and waved banners reading "no borders, no nations" and "sisters against violence."
Detainees watching the protest held signs from their windows, streamed toilet paper from their windows and touched hands with protesters through the centre's high fences.
Yarl's Wood is the only centre in Britain where women are detained. Detainees have reported numerous cases of racist and sexual abuse by the centre's guards. Pressure has been mounting on the British Home Secretary Theresa May, with various women's groups, celebrities and opposition politicians demanding that Yarl's Wood be closed.