This Frozen Theory Is Incredibly Dark and We Hope It's Not True

It turns out someone besides Anna and Elsa in Frozen might possibly have a horribly tragic backstory.
reddit user superclaude1 posted this incredibly sad theory about an already incredibly sad movie. As we all know, Kristoff is best friends with his reindeer, Sven. They even grew up together. Their relationship is super sweet…until you consider what might have happened to Sven's mom. The Reddit user writes that Kristoff's coat looks like it's made of reindeer fur. He ruled out wolf fur because the pelt is too big.
We're not pelt experts, so we're going to believe the assessment here on Kristoff's coat. And just like superclaude1 notes, it's pretty awkward that Kristoff wears a coat made of reindeer fur when his best friend is a reindeer.