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Sweden: Six properties torched during arson attack spree in Gothenburg

8 09.06.2016 Инфо

At least three people sustained minor injuries after six apartments were targeted in a string of arson attacks across the city of Gothenburg, Thursday. One arrest has been made following the incidents with authorities believing the suspect had grievances against a real estate company which owns several of the properties.
A first alarm was raised early in the morning after eyewitnesses reported a fire at an apartment in the Hogsbo district. According to police reports, fires were then reported in other districts of the city. Fire crews evacuated residents from the buildings and sealed them off so police could begin investigating. Police say the fires appear to have been lit using flammable liquid, and have each been classified as aggravated arson.
According to police reports, the detained suspect is in his 50s and is believed to have been handed an eviction notice by the Familjebostäder real estate company. The properties torched in the attacks reportedly either belonged to Familjebostäder or to employees of the company.