China: Smog in a can! Canned Beijing air flies off the shelves

Beijing Air in a can has become an unlikely hit for Chinese buyers, as thousands of cans flew from the shelves of Plastered 8, a Beijing shop which was still exhibiting some of the cans at its location in the historical Nanluoguxiang lane, Monday.
Beijing smog-air in a can was an invention of Dominic Johnson-Hill, a British expat who has done business in the city for 20 years. Dominic spotted a "surprising gap" in the market, and started producing and selling canned Beijing air for 28 rmb (€3.78; $4.16) a pop.
This idea came after a recent craze by Chinese buyers to purchase canned Canadian and Austrian air, seen by many in China as some of the purest air in the world. The Chinese capital often chokes under a thick blanket of smog, with AQI PM 2.5 reaching above hazardous levels in the winter months, but the deadly pollution is still seemingly able to raise a smile.