Attorneys Make Closing Remarks in Theater Gunman Trial

The fate of James Holmes, the accused Aurora Colorado theater shooter, rests on the juries belief of his sanity.
Both his defense and the prosecution have strongly stuck to opposing views on the matter.
Throughout the course of his trial, jurors have listened to the testimony of four psychiatrists.
Chilling interview testimony from the court appointed sessions revealed the narrative District Attorney George Brauchler has used throughout trial.
That killing those in the theater made him feel an increase in self worth, leading him to kill more.
But defense lawyer Daniel King and the two doctors he brought to testify countered that Holmes was controlled by his schizophrenia.
Brauchler and King made their final appeals to jurors Tuesday, but it was unclear whether deliberations would begin later in the day or on Wednesday morning.
Holmes slipped into the packed theater on July 20, 2012 killed 12 and injuring 70.