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Spain: Barcelona aflame as protests enter fifth day

6 18.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Vehicle and other objects on fire, Barcelona
W/S Protesters running on the other side of the street
W/S Objects on fire, electric sparks from severed cable
M/S Objects on fire in street
M/S Police
C/U Police firing rubber bullets, protesters approaching
M/S Police firing tear gas, press
W/S Protesters walking through debris and smoke on the street
W/S Debris and fire on the street
M/S Police firing, red smoke
W/S Police
M/S Police officers near vehicle
M/S Police
W/S Police
M/S Objects on fire
M/S Police marching
M/S People inside shop watching the protest
M/S Objects on fire, police
W/S Vehicle and other objects on fire
M/S Police firing
M/S Police firing
W/S Police, fire
Barricades and rubbish containers were set on fire in Barcelona on Friday as protests decrying prison sentences for Catalonia's pro-independence leaders entered its fifth straight day.
Footage shows several fires on the streets of the Catalan capital and police firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters.
Spain's Supreme Court convicted nine independence leaders, including former Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras, for their role in the autonomous region's attempt to secede and holding an illegal independence referendum. The convicted leaders were given prison sentences ranging from nine to 12 years, which protesters have condemned as being disproportionately harsh.