Пропуснаха само 70 от мигрантите в "Идомени", хиляди остават

No more than seventy refugees were allowed to cross the border between Greece and Macedonia at Idomeni on Friday. Simultaneously, several hundred migrants kept on arriving at the overcrowded camp.
With entrance to Macedonia often taking over a week, refugees have begun to make daily camp life more comfortable, offering services from selling warm food and tobacco to giving haircuts. Medical crews are also present at the camp offering checkups for refugees who need it.
Authorities began to allow small groups of between 10 and 15 people to cross the border after Macedonian authorities closed their side of the frontier last week. Conditions at the Idomeni refugee camp have deteriorated in recent days amid reports that food supplies are running low and tents are massively overcrowded.
On Monday, Macedonian police fired tear gas after hundreds of refugees broke through a border gate and attempted to push their way across the northern Greek border into Macedonia. At least 22 people including 12 children were injured during the clashes.