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A kangaroo shot in the head with an arrow was recovering after undergoing surgery in Queensland, June 16. After evading RSPCA and Australia Zoo rescue teams for days, the mammal was eventually captured and sedated before the arrow was clipped on both ends before it was removed. The veterinarian ensured the animal was hydrated during the operation and it was administered antibiotics. The female kangaroo was immediately released back into the wild due to fears captivity would bring on 'myopathy.' This condition is believed to be common in wild kangaroos, causing high-levels of stress. The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, where the animal was treated, released a statement suggesting the kangaroo was incredibly lucky to survive. According to the statement, it is believed the arrow came close to penetrating the kangaroo's skull and brain and missed her eye-socket and optical nerves by mere millimetres. *Footage belongs to Australia Zoo Wildlife Zoo Hospital*


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